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As skin care keeps evolving and changing, Kruidvat decided to introduce a new range with Q10 and vitamin C. This combination reduces the signs of fatigue and the first wrinkles and makes your skin more even and fresh.
Q10 is a substance that your own skin creates to produce energy in the skin cells. Vitamin C aids the production of collagen for a smooth and firm skin structure.
The day cream is a bit on the heavier side but is quickly absorbed by the skin. The mild SPF makes it, for me, a great winter cream when my skin is a bit drier and the sun is barely shining.
The night cream is super light and truly amazing to put on after a hot bath or shower. I can truly feel the difference in the morning between using the cream and forgetting it.
The eye cream is also super light and great for sensitive eyes. My eyes never water after using it so I'm really loving it. You only need a tiny bit so the tube lasts for quite a while!

The Kruidvat Day cream Q10 + Vitamin C and SPF 15 costs €3,99
The Kruidvat Night cream Q10 + Vitamin C costs €3,99
The Kruidvat Eye cream Q10 + Vitamin C costs €3,49