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Part two of getting out of my comfort zone is getting some real make-up tools to apply the eyeshadow I decided to buy.

As I was going for quality and I had heard so much about Real Techniques, I decided to give them a go. Not that I would really know if they are 'okay' or 'good' but as long as the hairs don't fall out while using, like I had with the cheap ones I bought forever ago, I'd say they are pretty good.

My eye immediately fell on the Bold Metals collection. How gorgeous are these brushes?! They are shiny, metallic and white. every Instagramgirls dream, am I right?
It took me a while to use them though because I didn't want to ruin them by using them. Silly me, I can't just buy them and just make them be pretty on my desk.

The Spotlight Essential Set consists of a copper metallic brush for highlighting and sculpting the cheeks, a gold metallic brush to highlight the top of your cheeckbones and to more easily contour around eyes, nose and chin thanks to the triangle form and than a silver metallic brush for blending into the crease and eyelid.
This set came with a gorgeous white leather(-like?) roll and cost € 32,91.

The Complete Eye Set consists of an oval shadow brush for the overall application of eyeshadow, a pointed crease brush for the more precise application in the crease, an angled liner to apply eyeliner and a tapered shadow brush for blending.
This set came in a metallic silver roll that fits perfectly with the collection and cost € 33,69.

I ordered both sets via