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Summer's here! And so is the new Zoella Beauty range we've been waiting for.
Zoe went for a fresh scent of elderflower and pomegranate, which is perfect for summer.

This collection is all about the orange/pink tones and goes perfectly with the pomegranate scent.
The smell reminds me of playing outside when I was a kid and blowing bubbles in the garden.

This year, Zoella Beauty is introducing the moisturising bath fizzer, the moisturising body wash, the cream scrub and the bath milk powder.
Yes, all the new formulas are about moisturising your skin and I can't wait to really indulge my skin with all this.

I bought everything from feelunique.com
The range contains:
Bath Frosting Bath Milk Powder
Pink Bath Wafers Moisturising Bath Fizzer
Body Pudding Body Cream
Cream Scrub Body Scrub
Gelat'eau Body Mist
Shower Sauce Body Wash
Shower Shake Moisturising Body Wash