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I recently decided to try some new things and one of those things was eyeshadow.
All I used to do was my lips and some mascara but as I'm growing older - I'm 25 now! - I think it's time to get out of my comfort zone.
I originally wanted the Morphe Brushes Fall Into Frost palette, but it's kinda out of stock everywhere. When I saw this palette coming by as I was browsing Youtube, I was sold! The colours are so beautiful! And as everyone was kinda raving about it... I bought it.

It wasn't the cheapest palette to start experimenting with, I paid €49 euros, but I thought, heck, let's just do it right from the beginning. Let's go for quality straight away.
And as I do know that Anastasia Beverly Hills is good quality make-up, I didn't quite hesitate.

The palette comes with some pretty packaging as well. It's very simple, not too much fuss, just a gorgeous pastel velvet palette. It also comes with a little mirror, always handy when applying make-up, and a little double-ended brush. I have been using this brush as I don't own any others and I have to say, for a first brush, it's not that bad! Apply with one end and blend with the other, easy peasy!

The colours are very creamy but also a tad powdery, so there is some fallout when applying. Nonetheless, they are super pigmented so even with that fallout, you have enough to work with.

I haven't used it a lot yet, but the times I did, I'm quite pleased! The colours are gorgeous and do stay on all day. As soon as I feel confident enough - I've never used eyeshadow before so I don't really know what I'm doing haha - , I might show you some looks!
 From left to right: Tempera-Golden Ochre-Vermeer-Buon Fresco-Antique Bronze-Love Letter - Cyprus Umber
From left to right: Raw Sienna-Burnt Orange-Primavera-Red Ochre-Venetian Red-Warm Taupe-Realgar
What was your first real make-up buy?