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It's Christmas time! Christmas is starting to become my favourite holiday. All the lights, the cozyness and of course being together with family.

Now Zoe Sugg, she is like the Christmas Queen. She goes all out with her decorations and of course her Christmas range has it all. Lots of items to really enjoy a relaxing prep time before the busy family dinners. Tons of fizzers, bubbles, milks, some nice washes and of course the lotions and butters for after your bath.

This year's range is named Snowella, and I just love that name! It's playful but totally in sync with the theme and it also kind of makes me think of some Disney princess.
The colours are very soft and right up my alley; white, soft pink and grey. Which are the exact colours of my scarf and bobble hat!

I especially loved the tea bags, the packaging is so original! They are real little tea bags you pop in your bath, it's pretty cool.

The range smells of peony, winter cranberry and mint. It's fresh because of the mint but also kind of sweet. I didn't know what to expect from this mix and couldn't immediately see it as a winter scent, but upon smelling I really really loved it. It's honestly the perfect mix for winter!

Until now I have only tried the body polish but it's so amazing! The cream immediately gets soaked into my skin, even when I use way too much. Long live non sticky cream!

I bought everything from feelunique.com
The range contains:
Merry and Bright Shimmer Bubble Bath
Snow Balmy Lip Balms Duo
Snow Fresh Body Wash
Snow Polished Body Polish
Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers
Snow Scoop Bath Soak
Snow Silky Body Lotion
Snow Smooth Body Butter
Snowella Body Mist
Brew Me A Bath Tea Bags
Splash of Milk Bath Milk
We're On A Roll Rollerball Trio
Winter Wonder Hand Hand Cream


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Summer's here! And so is the new Zoella Beauty range we've been waiting for.
Zoe went for a fresh scent of elderflower and pomegranate, which is perfect for summer.

This collection is all about the orange/pink tones and goes perfectly with the pomegranate scent.
The smell reminds me of playing outside when I was a kid and blowing bubbles in the garden.

This year, Zoella Beauty is introducing the moisturising bath fizzer, the moisturising body wash, the cream scrub and the bath milk powder.
Yes, all the new formulas are about moisturising your skin and I can't wait to really indulge my skin with all this.

I bought everything from feelunique.com
The range contains:
Bath Frosting Bath Milk Powder
Pink Bath Wafers Moisturising Bath Fizzer
Body Pudding Body Cream
Cream Scrub Body Scrub
Gelat'eau Body Mist
Shower Sauce Body Wash
Shower Shake Moisturising Body Wash


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I recently decided to try some new things and one of those things was eyeshadow.
All I used to do was my lips and some mascara but as I'm growing older - I'm 25 now! - I think it's time to get out of my comfort zone.
I originally wanted the Morphe Brushes Fall Into Frost palette, but it's kinda out of stock everywhere. When I saw this palette coming by as I was browsing Youtube, I was sold! The colours are so beautiful! And as everyone was kinda raving about it... I bought it.

It wasn't the cheapest palette to start experimenting with, I paid €49 euros, but I thought, heck, let's just do it right from the beginning. Let's go for quality straight away.
And as I do know that Anastasia Beverly Hills is good quality make-up, I didn't quite hesitate.

The palette comes with some pretty packaging as well. It's very simple, not too much fuss, just a gorgeous pastel velvet palette. It also comes with a little mirror, always handy when applying make-up, and a little double-ended brush. I have been using this brush as I don't own any others and I have to say, for a first brush, it's not that bad! Apply with one end and blend with the other, easy peasy!

The colours are very creamy but also a tad powdery, so there is some fallout when applying. Nonetheless, they are super pigmented so even with that fallout, you have enough to work with.

I haven't used it a lot yet, but the times I did, I'm quite pleased! The colours are gorgeous and do stay on all day. As soon as I feel confident enough - I've never used eyeshadow before so I don't really know what I'm doing haha - , I might show you some looks!
 From left to right: Tempera-Golden Ochre-Vermeer-Buon Fresco-Antique Bronze-Love Letter - Cyprus Umber
From left to right: Raw Sienna-Burnt Orange-Primavera-Red Ochre-Venetian Red-Warm Taupe-Realgar
What was your first real make-up buy?