Hailey Caulson for Only FW13

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It's been a while again since I wrote an article, I've kinda had busy weeks visiting my (future) family-in-law and first weeks of school, readapting to the early schedule. But I am going to do my best to keep up with all the e-mails I get with fantastic collections of the different brands. There are some really cool things coming up, so stay tuned!
A new season, a new face for Only! With Hailey Caulson, the American model, the brand stresses it's international format. They focussed on trends and key items, aka sweaters, jeans and shirts. Also, the parka is back - has been for a little while now - and Only couldn't stay behind, so you'll find that as well in stores.
Last thing I would like to say: I think Hailey Caulson has an interesting face that goes very well with the brand.

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Junarose AW13

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Junarose is a label for the more curvy women, from size 45 till 54. This collection includes everything so that you can buy it all and don't have to look for it all over town. Regular jeans or jeans in a little color to funk up your outfit, basics, black skirts but they also have more specific items like leather pants - which I've always wanted, haha.
This fall and winter you can dress yourself in different styles: romantic, feminine or edgy, Junarose has it all. The brand also follows the most important trends of the season: studs, lace, etc. I mean, it's not cause you're curvy that you can't be fashionable!
The label is sold in different multibrandboutiques in Europe and online junarose.com.

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VILA Autumn Express 2013

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I always saw VILA as a superfancy brand, but this Autumn Express collection has a more sporty look. Sporty, but still fancy, just the way I like it. I've always been the comfy-style girl - nothing special there and one of the reasons I don't take outfitpics, haha - and this comfy looking luxurious style is absolutely made for me. 
VILA describes the collection as a dark, luxurious sporty style with an edgy twist and a seductive sensual look. That's the most perfect description I've ever heard/read and I don't have much to add. Except that I would love to have it in my - already full - closet.

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Object FW13

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Object is still one of my favorite brands and they never let me down. As the weather is getting colder, the sun is coming up later and setting sooner and dissappears behind grey clouds, I find myself letting my colorful clothes hang in my closet. Darker colors already seem more appropriate than summer colors. On one hand, I kinda don't like it, as I hate cold, but on the other hand, I don't mind because I bought al these new clothes that are more fall/winter appropriate. And when I saw Object's new collection, I didn't mind at all!
Black and grey are it, with some dark green or an old pink fluffy sweater. Combine the soft fluffy sweater with a dark legging and that's what Object is about: edgy, toughlooking, but still feminine.

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New Look AW13

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It's almost time for sweaters, pants and skirts with tights. Now is the time to get a new autumn/winter garderobe and where better than at New Look?
New Look's collection is based on 5 different themes - in order of appearance: Grunge, Baboushka, Goint out, New Model Army and Twilight. There is also a lingerie collection that is to die for!
Whether you're into a sporty look or a more girly girl look, they have it all. And I want it all! It's so hard not to spend all my money from this summer, I should get some sort of restraining order, haha.

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