Banana Moon SS13

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Banana Moon made two styles for this summer: Couture and Squaw. Couture is for the women that want a simpel and stylish bikini in black and white. Squaw is for the more playful with fringes and bright colors.
By creating two different lines in their summer collection, they created something for everyone.
Next to these two styles, there are the usual bikini's in different colors and sizes in the usual Banana Moon style. Maybe it's time to get myself a classic Banana Moon bikini, don't you agree?

Pictures by Media Mania

O'Neill Highsummer SS13

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O'Neill made an entire collection for men and women, including footwear and accessories. The collection is for the highsummer, as the name clearly states. Summer here is almost over, we have a few sunny days left before school starts.
I always thought of O'Neill as a sportsbrand, but these clothes prove me wrong. And I'm glad the brand proved me wrong! I really like some of the clothes and I hope you do too.
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Pinko SS13

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Last year or the year before, I don't quite remember, I went to a Pinko show in Antwerp and fell in love with this brand. Classy but edgy, Pinko reinvented itself every time. To be very honest, the previous collections weren't quite my taste, but this summer collection is really gorgeous!
Pinko used the classic black and white and the army colors that are very popular these days, but also some brighter summer color like (electric) blue and orange. I know I like this collection, do you?

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SUN68 Women SS13

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The Italian brand from the previous post, also has a collection for women. And this collection is superfeminine! Soft shapes and fabrics, pastelcolors, perforated tops, all for the young woman that wants to look great. Although the pieces look basic, SUN68 added some details that gives the pieces a special touch. And those little details are the reason I fell for some of the basics.

Pictures by Media Mania

SUN68 Men SS13

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SUN68 is an Italian brand that puts quality up top. The men collection is all about color and goes from pastelcolored polos  to brightcolored sweaters with graphic prints, modern design to simple lines. It's a comfortable and functional collection that can be combined in endless ways.

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Giovane SS13

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For the Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Giovane got inspired by the Mediterranean riviera. The clothes express this inspiration by showing exotic motifs and supple fabrics. The Italian jetset is timeless and you can find it in the prints of subtropic flowers and palmtrees. The caleidoscopic prints remind us of the swinging seventies.

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Vogue Eyewear SS13

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After the He's in Vogue campaign, the female campaign had to be as astonishing as Jude Law. Vogue did a great job by casting Eva Mendes for the new Eyewear collection. She's such a beautiful woman and looks great with (sun)glasses! Truth be told, when I saw the pictures a few months ago, I did want summer. Thank god, we had some summerdays after all. Wish I had some of these glasses to protect my eyes from the sun.

Pictures by Media Mania