Replace Google Friend Connect by Bloglovin

2:55 PM Laetitia V. 0 Comments

The rumour that Google Friend Connect was shutting down has been in the air for some time now. But this time, it's for real!
If you want to keep all the blogs you follow, there's an easy peasy solution: Bloglovin.
Bloglovin is a better version of GFC. Why? Well, the first reason is that Bloglovin is available on mobile phones and tablets. The second reason is that posts read on Bloglovin also count as pageviews on Blogger. You really need more reasons to convert? Didn't think so.

Now, how do you convert GFC to Bloglovin? Easily! 
You make a Bloglovin-account where you add your blog. 
Then you go to settings and scroll down till you see the bar that says "Import blogs". 
Just click on it. 
Next step, you click on the "Google Reader"-bar and that's about it!