Vogue Eyewear for Men

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"He's in Vogue" is back with Jude Law this time. The sexy actor looks incredibly handsome with the new Vogue glasses that combine design with comfort and style. And style he has! Peter Lindbergh took these great shots in a place that screams summer and holidays: Oyster Bay, Long Island. I mean, who wouldn't want to be there with Jude Law and Vogue?

Pictures by Media Mania

Replace Google Friend Connect by Bloglovin

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The rumour that Google Friend Connect was shutting down has been in the air for some time now. But this time, it's for real!
If you want to keep all the blogs you follow, there's an easy peasy solution: Bloglovin.
Bloglovin is a better version of GFC. Why? Well, the first reason is that Bloglovin is available on mobile phones and tablets. The second reason is that posts read on Bloglovin also count as pageviews on Blogger. You really need more reasons to convert? Didn't think so.

Now, how do you convert GFC to Bloglovin? Easily! 
You make a Bloglovin-account where you add your blog. 
Then you go to settings and scroll down till you see the bar that says "Import blogs". 
Just click on it. 
Next step, you click on the "Google Reader"-bar and that's about it!

Replay SS13

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Replay is known for it's very good jeans. This seasons models are willing to lend their faces to the brand. Barbara Palvin shows her modelling skills by posing for Victoria's Secret and now Replay. Two other faces are Swedish model Johanna Wahlberg and Britisch model Rob Moore. The models show off the different aspects of Replay. Photographer Thierry Le Goués used a simple background which brings out the clothes even more.
Pictures by Media Mania

Naf Naf SS13

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After the reopening of the store in Brussels, Naf Naf just keeps on making clothes I definetely want to buy. For this season, Naf Naf came with some very light and pastel colors. Light blue, light pink, lila and floral prints give this collection a young and innocent look that fit in the Naf Naf-look.

Pictures by Media Mania

Brax Feel Good Womenswear SS13

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I'm still in summermood, although the weather turned grey again. This is such a bummer summer. Friday I'm leaving for Amsterdam with my boyfriend for a little more than a month. The optimist in me packed a lot of summerclothes. Let's hope the weather will be as gorgeous as in these pictures.

Pictures by Media Mania

O'Neill Women Superkini SS13

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O'Neill brings you the new version of his superkini. No more awkward moments when you jump in the water, no more bikinibottoms falling off. The superkini stays perfectly glued to your skin and is a perfect bikini for all the adventurous ladies that like to jump off cliffs, dive into the water or surf. So off to vacation!

Pictures by Media Mania

Ben Sherman Jazz Life Campaign SS13

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Ben Sherman is one of my favorite brands for men. They have this classy touch I really like. With this Jazz Life Campaign, I really felt this jazz-vibe from the 1920's, a style that I find really superbe. Jazz is also nice music. Since about a year I've been into jazz and I can't stop listening to it. It calms me down and makes me feel like I'm in trance sometimes. These pictures totally add up to that trance.

Pictures by Media Mania

Skiny Flowers SS13

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When we think of summer, we think of flowers. T-shirts, shorts, pants, skirts, dresses and ofcourse underwear and bikinis. Skiny brings us the perfect underwear and bikinis. Floral prints and bright colors to summer up our lives.   

Pictures by Sumo

IKKS African Queen

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Africa is one of those far away countries that I'd love to visit one day. Go on a safari, see Cape Town. One of my dreams. Unfortunately, it's quite expensive and you have to get all those shots and stuff, so it won't be for a while. Instead, let's just pretend with this mini-collection from IKKS we are in Africa.
Pictures by Sumo

Speedo Beach Collection SS13

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Tomorrow we'll have 30 degrees Celsius here in Belgium! Finally some tropical temperatures. I've been dying to get some sort of tan - some sort, as I don't really tan, haha. All the more reason to take a look at some bikinis and bathing suits from Speedo. Speedo always has been a sportsbrand in my eyes, but after seeing their other swimwear, that changed. Bathing suits to get in shape for the summer and bikinis to show off that shape, all in one brand. Perfect, right? Let's hope these summerpictures will bring us a summer, we could really use it after the long winter we had - I mean, c'mon, snow in March?

Pictures by Media Mania

IKKS Bikinis SS13

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After all that talking about AW13, let's get back to this season. Although we're not really having a summer, I still like to look for bikinis. IKKS has some really nice pieces that are a must in your wardrobe for this summer. At least, let's hope we'll get a summer here, momma needs her tan!

Pictures by Sumo

New Look Press Days AW13

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New Look is always last, but certainly not least! For upcoming AW13, they worked with a few themes; from going out to grunge, they cover every style. But the coolest thing there for me were actually the colored icecubes. Drinking blue bubbles is way cooler than normal bubbles! Enough with my boring chattering, here are some sneak peaks.

Pieces Autumn Selection 2013

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Although it's June, we can't really say we have a summer feeling. With maybe a week of sunshine the last 5 months and a very gray day, autumn isn't far away. Pieces already offers us a little peak at what's coming with some original shots. Caps, gloves, scarfs, tights and bags, all essential accesories to look absolutely gorgeous this autumn. I can't wait to spend this summer's salary!
Pictures by Bestseller

Brussels Press Days AW13

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As every season, Brussels comes second. This time, two new bureaus were added on the list and they were pretty nice. New people to chat and drink with while looking at clothes, shoes and other accesories. The weather was sunny and so were our moods. It was a perfect day full of sun, drinks, fingerfoods and ofcourse, fashion.

Antwerp Press Days AW13

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Hey guys, I know it's been a while. I've been busy as hell with school, you know, making magazines and stuff. I did manage to make a quick visit to the next big city, Antwerp. This year I've kept it calm and visited just two bureaus, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Fresh drinks, mocktails named after brands, a little sun and a comfy chair. I enjoyed every last bit of it.