Object Winter 2012

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It's almost Spring but still so cold! And although I'm not such a fan of winter, I still crave for Object's winter collection. It has this edgy look I adore and would love to buy some time. Unfortunately, I am being kinda broke. Now, without any further blabber, picture time!
Pictures by Bestseller

Diesel Fit Your Attitude Winter

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Winter is almost over - at least I hope 'cause it doesn't feel so - but I still have some winter collections in my mailbox. As you already know, I'm a big fan of Diesel and their collections, so I've been kinda drooling on these looks I got a while ago. I guess it's time to finally share them with you, no more secrets, no more holding this from you.
Pictures by Tan Dem


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After the Brussels and Antwerp press days, New Look is next to invite us to show their spring and summer essentials. And essentials it is! I love the new collection - and I already went shopping three times. It's girly and a bit tough chick at the same time - aka flat boots, studs. A dash of neon there and there, some girly pink and rushes, the new collection has it all. I would stay, don't hesitate and go to the store before it's all gone!

Opening Sessùn Store

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Early December - two months ago, I know, shame on me - Sessùn opened a store in Brussels near the Grand Place. It's a cute little shop that picked up the latest trend: make the store feel like home. The store is really cute and simple, just some racks against the walls and some closets to make it look like a bedroom. There are also some cool details like the wallpaper with flowers, little extra's in cute boxes.
I'd say, feel free to visit, it's not so hard to find - at least if you walk in the right direction, haha.

Marylise and Rembo Styling

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Every girl wants to feel like a princess. That dream is likely to come true the day of your wedding. To be honest, till a few years ago, I didn't want to get married. But now, I most certainly do. And I would die to look like one of these models in my dress. I almost had to take a bucket, that much drool was coming out of my mouth when seeing the gorgeous dresses.
Pictures by Media Mania

Press Days SS13 Brussels

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A week after the press days in Antwerp, it's showtime for Brussels. The best part here was that the three agencies we visited were on the same avenue so no sore feet!
As always, we were welcomed with drinks and fingerfoods - jummie Cosmo here, delicious bubbles there. After the initial drink, we take a very long look at all those clothes, dreaming about spring, summer, shorts, skirts and dresses. But as we can't buy these awesome clothes yet, we just take pictures to share with the world.