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As Summer is almost over, we have to take out our tights again. As much as I hate wearing them, a nice print or color can convince me to buy some. Or, make me doubt, as I only have simple black tights. For example, the new tights from DIM look pretty good! I think I'm going to buy some decent pairs, I'm in desperate need of colorful ones.
DIM came up with a new theme for Autumn/Winter 2012: Miss CitaDIM. The DIM-girls are all over the world, from New York to Paris to Shangai. Each DIM-girl has her own style. The tights can have a little vintage touch, can be colorful, classy, etc. With the DIM-tights, you can be who you want to be.
The prices are between 8.80 and 15.50 euros.
Pictures by Media Mania

Alice Temperley for JBC

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First Monday of September is for a lot of kids one of the most hatest days of the year: back to school! Thank god for us, who are done with secundary school, we only start the 24th. Monday was a happy day for me and the other fellow bloggers who decided to go to the blog launch from Alice Temperley for JBC.
The collection doesn't contain a lot of pieces, but the pieces form a unity. They are romantic and classy, but still have a little twist that make them a bit though. At first sight you'd say the clothes are only wearable for a fancy evening, but if you match them well, you can wear them anytime.
The collection is timeless, thanks to the black and white fabrics and the rich details on every piece of clothing. I'm also very happy to announce that this collection is affordable for all of us. So get to the JBC store and buy that fancy dress you always wanted but couldn't afford!
Pictures by Media Mania