Triumph Inspiration Award 2012

5:54 PM Laetitia V. 0 Comments

Yesterday was the distribution of the Triumph Inspiration Award. The little show consisted of showing the 5 models selected in front of a jury and a little audience, all presented by Veronique De Kock - our very own ex-Miss Belgium. After the showing, the jury deliberated about who should get which price. There were 5 prices: Price of the Public, the Press Price and then the usual third, second and first place. All of them were cash prices, but the first place had a little extra: a ticket to go to Shangai!

Alice Topart with Flygons, who won the Price of the public.
Lauren Matthys with Ma petite fantaisie, who won the Press Price.
Hannah Jacobs with Swan lake, who became third.
Pauline Denoncin with Movement, who became second.
And the winner was Michiel Aerts with Fallen angel.