PRESS DAYS⎪Salvatore Ferragamo AW12

8:58 AM Laetitia V. 1 Comments

Salvatore Ferragamo? To be honest, I had no idea what I could expect in the beautiful suite of the Amigo hotel where some items were showed for next season. I did Google it so I did know it was about fancy shoes and bags - like the iconic Sophia bag and the Marilyn Monroe shoes. I was a bit surprised to see clothes, my quick Google-search didn't show this, but there were some nice items. Unfortunately they didn't catch on my camera - yes, I suck at taking pics.
As I quite love fancy things, I fell for some pieces in the showroom or more showsuite. The trip hurt my feet when I got home, my shoes were fancy but the cobble stones weren't. But, what the heck, it was worth it. These are some of my favorite pieces shown, other pictures to be found on Facebook.