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Oh my god! The new collection from New Look is just.. awesome! It has an edgy look, with print pants and loose sweaters and shirts. Collars, spikes and studs, you see it all. High heels with an attitude, spikey rings and necklaces. New Look also has a lingerie-collection that is very feminine. Something else they started is make-up and such as nail polish, fake eyelashes, etc.
The location for the showroom was pretty cool as well, and so beautiful. It was located in a poolhouse, with inside pool. Unfortunately, we didn't know about the pool, so no bikinis, no using the pool. We did get to meet other lovely bloggers and stayed talking, drinking - no, not only champagne - and eating for quite a while. Other people we met were two sweet British co-workers from New look, Andrea Logan and Lucy Kalus. They were both so sweet! And for once, I could talk English with native speakers and not just with Shanah. People look weird at us when we do that. In September, we're going shopping. Hardcore. I need everything.
Enough said, here's a little peek, more pictures on Facebook. Damn it was hard choosing pictures.