LAUNCH⎪Moët & Chandon: Ice Imperial

11:10 PM Laetitia V. 0 Comments

I like to get a drink now and then, for instance during the press days or at home while eating some chips and stuff. Most of the time, it's bubbles. I love bubbles, it's fresh and I love the taste, but damn, that one drink over the line hits you when it's too late. I can't hold my liquor so I get tipsy after three glasses most of the time. Enough said about me not being good at drinking.
Moët Ice Imperial is the first champagne specially designed to be drunk with ice. Ice? Yes! You read this correctly. Thanks to the special formula, the champagne with the ice cubes keeps the taste longer intact and it stays fresh longer. Most champagnes tend to lose their bubbles when they heat up, Ice Imperial doesn't.
There were also some extra's. First, you could add flavours into your glass of champagne: lime, mint or strawberries. After a few minutes, your champagne tasted fresher (with mint or lime) or sweeter (with strawberries). Second, there was an app for Moët Ice Imperial. You just took a picture and then you could add a special filter, kind off like Instagram, but with other filters.
I have said about everything I wanted, if there are any questions, just ask and I'll reply asap :)
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