Hearts #1

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Press days are over, so are most of the events. At least, they are for me. Exams are coming and then I'm off to Croatia! I'm really looking forward to enjoying some sun and the coolness of a swimming pool. Now that the calm periods are coming, I've decided to keep blogging. But about what? Well, this section is about random pictures I saw online and liked or something I really want.
The very first Hearts-post is about something I'd love to have. An industrial-piercing. Unfortunately, my parents won't let me have one :( Here are a few pictures I found on weheartit.


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Oh my god! The new collection from New Look is just.. awesome! It has an edgy look, with print pants and loose sweaters and shirts. Collars, spikes and studs, you see it all. High heels with an attitude, spikey rings and necklaces. New Look also has a lingerie-collection that is very feminine. Something else they started is make-up and such as nail polish, fake eyelashes, etc.
The location for the showroom was pretty cool as well, and so beautiful. It was located in a poolhouse, with inside pool. Unfortunately, we didn't know about the pool, so no bikinis, no using the pool. We did get to meet other lovely bloggers and stayed talking, drinking - no, not only champagne - and eating for quite a while. Other people we met were two sweet British co-workers from New look, Andrea Logan and Lucy Kalus. They were both so sweet! And for once, I could talk English with native speakers and not just with Shanah. People look weird at us when we do that. In September, we're going shopping. Hardcore. I need everything.
Enough said, here's a little peek, more pictures on Facebook. Damn it was hard choosing pictures.

LAUNCH⎪Moët & Chandon: Ice Imperial

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I like to get a drink now and then, for instance during the press days or at home while eating some chips and stuff. Most of the time, it's bubbles. I love bubbles, it's fresh and I love the taste, but damn, that one drink over the line hits you when it's too late. I can't hold my liquor so I get tipsy after three glasses most of the time. Enough said about me not being good at drinking.
Moët Ice Imperial is the first champagne specially designed to be drunk with ice. Ice? Yes! You read this correctly. Thanks to the special formula, the champagne with the ice cubes keeps the taste longer intact and it stays fresh longer. Most champagnes tend to lose their bubbles when they heat up, Ice Imperial doesn't.
There were also some extra's. First, you could add flavours into your glass of champagne: lime, mint or strawberries. After a few minutes, your champagne tasted fresher (with mint or lime) or sweeter (with strawberries). Second, there was an app for Moët Ice Imperial. You just took a picture and then you could add a special filter, kind off like Instagram, but with other filters.
I have said about everything I wanted, if there are any questions, just ask and I'll reply asap :)
You can also find me on Facebook.

A.P.C. Brussels' First Birthday

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Jean Touitou organized a little party for his brand. The Brussels store of A.P.C. blew it's first candle and that had to be celebrated! The party was quite sober with drinks, little snacks, some music and ofcourse lots of people, but tthat completely fits the French brand's code. The store is designed by architect Laurent Deroo, who has worked with the brand for ten years. The Brussels store is quite unique, as it has a little backyard and a very cool wavy wooden ceiling. A little extra: A.P.C. exists 25 years this year and everybody has to know. There will be events all around to world, starting in Tokyo and ending in Paris, where it all started, with a big ass party later this year.
To be very honest, I didn't quite like the women's clothes that were in the store that day. But I absolutely loved the men's collection! I want my next boyfriend to wear clothes like that, haha. So, here are some snapshots from that rainy evening. Also to be found on Facebook.

PRESS DAYS⎪Salvatore Ferragamo AW12

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Salvatore Ferragamo? To be honest, I had no idea what I could expect in the beautiful suite of the Amigo hotel where some items were showed for next season. I did Google it so I did know it was about fancy shoes and bags - like the iconic Sophia bag and the Marilyn Monroe shoes. I was a bit surprised to see clothes, my quick Google-search didn't show this, but there were some nice items. Unfortunately they didn't catch on my camera - yes, I suck at taking pics.
As I quite love fancy things, I fell for some pieces in the showroom or more showsuite. The trip hurt my feet when I got home, my shoes were fancy but the cobble stones weren't. But, what the heck, it was worth it. These are some of my favorite pieces shown, other pictures to be found on Facebook.

Converse - Just Add Color

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Converse and Maasmechelen Village organized a little something called "Just Add Color". It is actually quite simple, you buy a pair of Converse shoes and you can personalize them. Well, not yourself ofcourse, three graffiti-artists do it for you. You hand in your pair of shoes and tell them what you want. And tadaa, your very own pair of Converse-shoes! After reading this, I just had to go so I convinced my mom to take me there. Thank god she was willing to drive all the way to Massmechelen Village and my brother came along as well - yes, he likes shopping.
Another thing that I just had to see was the biggest Converse-shoe ever! It was really huge, I expected a big shoe, but it was even bigger. I felt so tiny, haha.
Until the very last moment I had no idea how I wanted my new shoes to look like. So I asked if they had any stencils and there was this one I liked. At first I thought it was a zebra-print, but actually it's a fingerprint. Not mine, that would've been epic, but it's still really cool. On the other shoe I chose for my name - ego! The colors were chosen by the artist, because I had no idea what I wanted.
Enough said, here are a few pictures and as usual you can find all of the pictures on Facebook.
Almost forgot! These sessions are only temporary. The artists are in the Village for only two weekends: the 12th & 13th of May and the 18th & 19th of May from 13.00 till 18.00.

Triumph Inspiration Award 2012

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Yesterday was the distribution of the Triumph Inspiration Award. The little show consisted of showing the 5 models selected in front of a jury and a little audience, all presented by Veronique De Kock - our very own ex-Miss Belgium. After the showing, the jury deliberated about who should get which price. There were 5 prices: Price of the Public, the Press Price and then the usual third, second and first place. All of them were cash prices, but the first place had a little extra: a ticket to go to Shangai!

Alice Topart with Flygons, who won the Price of the public.
Lauren Matthys with Ma petite fantaisie, who won the Press Price.
Hannah Jacobs with Swan lake, who became third.
Pauline Denoncin with Movement, who became second.
And the winner was Michiel Aerts with Fallen angel.

Press Days: Tan-Dem AW12

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Press days have been over for about a week now, but I still owe you the last one. It took us quite a while to find this one - thank you google maps - and we got kinda lost. I absolutely have no orientation so I was depending on my fellow bloggers to guide us. In the pooring rain, we finally found it, apparently it was accessible by tram - fail. So yeah, we were soaking wet, at least my feet were, but we still enjoyed the preview of next season's collection. Don't forget to take a look on Facebook for more pictures!

Press Days: Pure AW12

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First of May, a little bit of sunshine and a day off from school. Should be fun, do some reading in the garden, catch a little sun of my very white skin - I kinda look like a corpse or so on some pictures - but faith decided otherwise. I'm sitting inside, cleaning my room and blogging. Press days are over now, but I still owe you two posts about visits. Number one is Pure - as read in the title, obviously. I knew them already from last press days, SS12, and I'm very happy I could come along with Shanah again. Don't forget to take a look on my Facebook page and while you're there, hit that like button!