Press Days: Bestseller AW12

3:15 PM Laetitia V. 0 Comments

Next in line was Bestseller's AW12, which was in this special building. It had this old and fancy atmosphere, it was pretty cool. Also, we could enter a contest where we had to take an original picture on a bike. The picture was taken by the people from Bestseller and I don't like the one I have, so you won't see it. But I will explain to you what I did and then you just have to use your imagination: the bike was a very bright orange lowrider and the saddle had a backrest, so I decided to get on the bike backwards. I did put my feet on the pedals and held the handlebars, which made it quite difficult to keep my balance, but I managed to stay long enough for the picture! Yet again, more pictures are te be found on Facebook.