Press Days: Turbulence AW12

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This week we visited some press agencies in Brussels, way closer to my little house in the middle of nowhere. First up was Turbulence's virgin press days, so first time ever! Most of their brands were honestly unknown to me, but I loved them! The room was arranged in a simple way, with the racks against the wall. The clothes were mostly Autumn/Winter, but there was a little part more summerish in colors, which I really liked. Enough said, picture time! And don't forget to check out my Facebook page as well :)

Naf Naf Reopening Store

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Yesterday was a little private party to celebrate the reopening of the store in Brussels, more precisely in the Rue Neuve. Naf Naf went for a little boudoir-style, with furniture in the store that are used to show the clothes or just as decoration. I've always liked Naf Naf because they have that little girly touch I crave from time to time. The official opening was today, so everybody, rush to the store!
So, at the party, there were a lot of people! And plenty of lovely food, but I didn't snap a picture of that, the clothes were too attractive! Little bonus for me: the fabulous dress I saw at the Media Mania Press Days last winter, was hanging in the store! Yes, I took another picture. It's so pretty, I want to buy it and wear it all the time, even when I'm sleeping. Just to feel like a princess.
Sorry, wandering off, haha. So, the store gave this very feminine with a tad of girly feeling that made me want to  twinkle around like a little fairy. It enchanted me so much I bought the cutest little black dress - didn't own a LBD yet, shame on me. But, enough said, let's take a little look here and on Facebook.

Press Days: Media Mania AW12

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Last post about the press days for this week, next week there are some more but that's for next week. So, Mediamania was the last one for that day. To be honest, it was the only one I knew from before, I went to their Spring/Summer press days last winter as well. By the time we got here, our feet were really painful so it took us quite a while to find the courage to walk around. But, we got up our feet and walked around. There were a lot of beautiful things, just like at the other bureaus. Here are some pictures I took, you can find all of them on Facebook.

Press Days: Bestseller AW12

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Next in line was Bestseller's AW12, which was in this special building. It had this old and fancy atmosphere, it was pretty cool. Also, we could enter a contest where we had to take an original picture on a bike. The picture was taken by the people from Bestseller and I don't like the one I have, so you won't see it. But I will explain to you what I did and then you just have to use your imagination: the bike was a very bright orange lowrider and the saddle had a backrest, so I decided to get on the bike backwards. I did put my feet on the pedals and held the handlebars, which made it quite difficult to keep my balance, but I managed to stay long enough for the picture! Yet again, more pictures are te be found on Facebook.

Press Days: Oona Welcome Days AW12

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Second on the little -ahum- traject was Oona. The welcome days were presented in a huge room which was arranged in a simple way, and I loved it. I wish my room was that big so I could hang my clothes properly and I wouldn't have to open that damn closet everytime I need to change my outfit. So exhausting to open the door, realize you're on the wrong side and squeeze yourself between the closet door and your bed. But that's another topic. Picture time!
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