Press Days SS13 Antwerp

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A few weeks ago we were invited to enjoy the press days again. As usual, Antwerp is first to invite us so of we went!
We were welcomed very friendly with drinks and fingerfoods. Had a little chat with fellow bloggers and loved the clothes, shoes and accesories. I could do this all day, but unfortunately there are other obligations - school for instance. I have no more words to hold you, here are some sneak peeks from the Antwerp Press Days.


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As Summer is almost over, we have to take out our tights again. As much as I hate wearing them, a nice print or color can convince me to buy some. Or, make me doubt, as I only have simple black tights. For example, the new tights from DIM look pretty good! I think I'm going to buy some decent pairs, I'm in desperate need of colorful ones.
DIM came up with a new theme for Autumn/Winter 2012: Miss CitaDIM. The DIM-girls are all over the world, from New York to Paris to Shangai. Each DIM-girl has her own style. The tights can have a little vintage touch, can be colorful, classy, etc. With the DIM-tights, you can be who you want to be.
The prices are between 8.80 and 15.50 euros.
Pictures by Media Mania

Alice Temperley for JBC

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First Monday of September is for a lot of kids one of the most hatest days of the year: back to school! Thank god for us, who are done with secundary school, we only start the 24th. Monday was a happy day for me and the other fellow bloggers who decided to go to the blog launch from Alice Temperley for JBC.
The collection doesn't contain a lot of pieces, but the pieces form a unity. They are romantic and classy, but still have a little twist that make them a bit though. At first sight you'd say the clothes are only wearable for a fancy evening, but if you match them well, you can wear them anytime.
The collection is timeless, thanks to the black and white fabrics and the rich details on every piece of clothing. I'm also very happy to announce that this collection is affordable for all of us. So get to the JBC store and buy that fancy dress you always wanted but couldn't afford!
Pictures by Media Mania

New Look AW12

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During the press days, I absolutely fell in love with the new collection New Look presented us. They had that little edgy side I adored but yet stayed stylish. First week of September, I'm going shopping with my sister - I still owe her a birthday present - Shanah will come too and so does my brother. Little family shopping spree, haha. I'm planning on spending a long time in New Look, drooling over all the things I want to buy.
So excited to go shopping again, I've been broke for ages, not sure I'll be able to control myself. Anyways, here are some of my favorite pictures from the Lookbook.
Pictures by Tan-Dem

Sandrina Fasoli AW12

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Yes, I'm the worst blogger ever. I just kinda forget to blog during summer - or any holidays. My time is being spent at work, on Facebook, downloading things and I'm finally cleaning out my laptop. I'm also moving this year, going to stay at a student house. Sorta. But still lots of things to do such as painting and moving stuff. Hope it will all work out with all the freedom I'll have, haha.
Now, here's a little something I got a while ago. I kinda have a weird taste sometimes, going from all classy to sporty comfy. Like a real chameleon! This is something I'd love to wear, the little details are really awesome and are really the finishing touch to an outfit.
Pictures by Tan-Dem

I.Code by IKKS - Let's Get Dressed Up

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I know I've been absent, and I don't have a valid reason. I've just been busy, that's it. Summer is flying and we haven't had very good weather here. Belgian Summer = rain. Hate it! It was so nice in Croatia, I miss the heat. We had at least 30°C the whole two weeks we were there.
While I'm talking about Summer, here are some clothes from IKKS I really liked. They made me miss Summer even more. But Belgian Summer doesn't stop me from wearing dresses and skirts! So, IKKS, here I come!
Pictures by Sumo

Diesel Women's Collection

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Here are some pictures from the new Diesel collection I absolutely adore! Diesel is, as said before, one of my favorite brands. They have that little rough, edgy rock'n'roll touch I would want everyday. Now, here are some pictures, others can be found on Facebook as you may already know. And while you're there, hit that Like-button for me?
Pictures by Tan-Dem

A.P.C. Womens Collection

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I'm not gonna bother you with a lot of talking, just warning you that I'm back home now to blog. Next month I'll be at my grandma's, because it's closer to work and so I can keep her company. This means I won't have any internet connection on week days. The weekends, I will we at home though and I promise I'll do my very best to blog then. You just have to know that I won't blog regularly - not that I do now but you can see what I mean.
Now without any other introduction, here are some pictures from A.P.C.'s Women collection. You can find all my favorites on Facebook, as usual.
Pictures by Tan-Dem

Diesel Autumn/Winter 2012 Campaign Screen Test

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Diesel, one of my favorite brands! I love the edginess they can put in their pieces, the rock look and attitude. Diesel and me, that's like a perfect match.
This Screen Test campaign put fashion and strong personalities together and created a set of very cool shots. The creator of this series is Steven Meisel, the iconic fashion photographer, and he used contemporary models such as Karen Elson, Hanne Gaby Odiele, Jamie Bochart, Fei Fei Sun, Coco Rocha, Mirte Maas, Sid Ellisdon, Ethan James, Yuri Pleskun, Sallieu Jalloh and Dae Na. Each of them expresses their own individuality with different props.
Pictures by Tan-Dem

A.P.C. Men's Collection

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I'm back from my holiday! Got a nice tan - well, to my standards - and I'm full of energy! I still owe you some posts with nice collections that are coming in stores soon. I won't talk too much but just show you some items I really liked. You can see more pictures on Facebook if you got curious :)
Pictures by Tan-Dem

Salvatore Ferragamo Accesories Women

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I know it's been a while, but I have an excuse. Exams started the first Monday of June and after my exams I gave my laptop to someone to arrange some stuff for next year. And now I'm leaving again.
Good news is, you can enjoy plenty of new pictures on Facebook, the articles online will follow as soon as I can without spamming :)

A little time ago, I went to see Salvatore Ferragamo's Autumn/Winter collection for 2012 and I really liked it. As it is almost Autumn, after a non-existing Summer, the press releases are dropping in my mailbox. I opened one randomly and I fell in love with a particular item of this collection. One of the most perfect watches I ever saw. There were more items of course that caught my eye and I will share some of them here with you, the others you can find on Facebook of course.
Pictures by Tan-Dem