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Hey there!

It's been a while again and I owe you some posts (kinda lost the pics from Pinko, but I will find them back!). Last Tuesday Shanah invited me to go to the press conference from JBC and DAA.

DAA stands for Designers Against Aids, so basically it's designers designing clothes to raise money against aids. They want to make us aware of the dangers of HIV and AIDSThis year they are working together with JBC, but you might know them from working with H&M (Fashion Against Aids).
This year they designed some lingerie and homewear. I really love the items! They seem so comfy and they aren't expensive, so affordable for every teenager :D

I think pictures speak more than a thousand words, so without further ado, here are the pictures.
Oh yes, one more thing: from now on my pictures will be a lot better, I got the Nikon D3000 :D
Candles and condoms for sale.
The cutes little shorts ever! I'd love to sleep in those.
Hannelore Knuts (model) and Ninette Murk (from DAA).
The models showing the collection and pillow-fighting against aids.
"Safe = Sexy" and "Just Beat It" as slogans from the campagne.
My favorite items of the collection: the sweater, the shorts and the jumpsuit. I just need to have those in my closet!
Little pillows, made by hand!
Hannelore Knuts and Ann and Bart Claes from JBC.
Antwerp Central Station where you can virtually pillow-fight Hannelore Knuts. 

I had a lot of fun at the press conference and I am doing my best to get one of the pieces in my closet because I think this is a great way to make people, and especially teenagers, aware of the dangers of unprotected sex. What I also think is that DAA can raise more money by designing affordable clothes then by talking to people on the street and ask them for money. Personally, I'd prefer to support them by buying clothes then by giving them money. We don't like to give money and receiving nothing in return and that's actually really sad. 

Now people, you go buy some DAA-clothes!