Part two of getting out of my comfort zone is getting some real make-up tools to apply the eyeshadow I decided to buy.

As I was going for quality and I had heard so much about Real Techniques, I decided to give them a go. Not that I would really know if they are 'okay' or 'good' but as long as the hairs don't fall out while using, like I had with the cheap ones I bought forever ago, I'd say they are pretty good.

My eye immediately fell on the Bold Metals collection. How gorgeous are these brushes?! They are shiny, metallic and white. every Instagramgirls dream, am I right?
It took me a while to use them though because I didn't want to ruin them by using them. Silly me, I can't just buy them and just make them be pretty on my desk.

The Spotlight Essential Set consists of a copper metallic brush for highlighting and sculpting the cheeks, a gold metallic brush to highlight the top of your cheeckbones and to more easily contour around eyes, nose and chin thanks to the triangle form and than a silver metallic brush for blending into the crease and eyelid.
This set came with a gorgeous white leather(-like?) roll and cost € 32,91.

The Complete Eye Set consists of an oval shadow brush for the overall application of eyeshadow, a pointed crease brush for the more precise application in the crease, an angled liner to apply eyeliner and a tapered shadow brush for blending.
This set came in a metallic silver roll that fits perfectly with the collection and cost € 33,69.

I ordered both sets via


I always get so excited when Zoella is bringing out new products!
What scent will she go for this time? What products will she launch? Will I like it?

She always goes for something that she is obsessed with for her range and this time is no different. Big leaves, green but still with a little touch of girly pink, it's everything you've seen in her latest vlogs.

She went for a very fresh scent of coconut and lychee for all the bath products and I can't wait to start using it! It's so summery, really perfect for the heat we've been having.
The body mist, a regular product I always look forward to, contains floral scents of freesia and iris. Very fresh and flowery, a smell I really love as I'm not into sweet scents.
I honestly think this is my favourite scent of all her ranges.

You can always expect a nice body wash, body cream and anything that makes your bathing time a full experience. If you know Zoe Sugg, you know she loves taking baths and she loves to share that with her followers.

I was surprised that she brought out a lip oil, but it actually came at the perfect moment. I was planning to buy one because I have been using lip balm but it hadn't been helping and I see it as a more winter product. The tip of the applier is so soft! It almost tickles my lips when applying, haha. The oil contains sweet almond, jojoba and argan oil, all super nourishing and vaguely smells of cherries.

Her packaging is always so on point. Simple but practical, and the prints aren't too bold. Right up my alley!
One product I'm not sure of is the bath milk.It's in a little tear package, which kinda reminds me of something that would hold a face mask. I'm not really sure if this is the most practical as the content could fall out after one use if you don't use all of it in one time (which I probably wouldn't).
But other than that, I love everything!

I bought everything from
The range contains:
Drench Me Bath Soak
Make A Splash Moisturising Body Wash
Lagoon Love Bath Milk
Quench Me Body Sorbet
So Soft Lip Oil
Botanic'eau Body Mist


Ever since I've had my own place, I've been into interiors. I just love to look at different possibilities and think of how I can input this into my own home.

Sometimes it's really hard to find something online, because we all know how pictures can deceive. For furniture, I always prefer to take a look at it in real life and really try it out.
Furnified, the Belgian furniture webshop, understood this an opened two showrooms in Amsterdam and Antwerp. But for people like me who don't live on that side of the country, it's quite far. So you can imagine how excited I got when I heard about a pop-up shop opening in Brussels!

I had a little browse online and these are some of the items I'd love to check out!
Furnified is a very young brand. It was created in 2015 and combines vintage, design and originality into one for quite a reasonable price. It's also important to note that everything is made 'in house' with quality products.

For those of you that are as excited as I am, here's what you need to know for the pop-up shop:
28 April until 28 June
Wednesday to Saturday 10.30 - 18.30
Sunday 12.00 - 18.00
Rue Lebeau 31
1000 Brussels
Pictures: by Furnified


It's Christmas time! Christmas is starting to become my favourite holiday. All the lights, the cozyness and of course being together with family.

Now Zoe Sugg, she is like the Christmas Queen. She goes all out with her decorations and of course her Christmas range has it all. Lots of items to really enjoy a relaxing prep time before the busy family dinners. Tons of fizzers, bubbles, milks, some nice washes and of course the lotions and butters for after your bath.

This year's range is named Snowella, and I just love that name! It's playful but totally in sync with the theme and it also kind of makes me think of some Disney princess.

The colours are very soft and right up my alley; white, soft pink and grey. Which are the exact colours of my scarf and bobble hat!

I especially loved the tea bags, the packaging is so original! They are real little tea bags you pop in your bath, it's pretty cool.

The range smells of peony, winter cranberry and mint. It's fresh because of the mint but also kind of sweet. I didn't know what to expect from this mix and couldn't immediately see it as a winter scent, but upon smelling I really really loved it. It's honestly the perfect mix for winter!

Until now I have only tried the body polish but it's so amazing! The cream immediately gets soaked into my skin, even when I use way too much. Long live non sticky cream!

I bought everything from
The range contains:
Merry and Bright Shimmer Bubble Bath
Snow Balmy Lip Balms Duo
Snow Fresh Body Wash
Snow Polished Body Polish
Snow Relaxed Bath Fizzers
Snow Scoop Bath Soak
Snow Silky Body Lotion
Snow Smooth Body Butter
Snowella Body Mist
Brew Me A Bath Tea Bags
Splash of Milk Bath Milk
We're On A Roll Rollerball Trio
Winter Wonder Hand Hand Cream


Summer's here! And so is the new Zoella Beauty range we've been waiting for.
Zoe went for a fresh scent of elderflower and pomegranate, which is perfect for summer.

This collection is all about the orange/pink tones and goes perfectly with the pomegranate scent.
The smell reminds me of playing outside when I was a kid and blowing bubbles in the garden.

This year, Zoella Beauty is introducing the moisturising bath fizzer, the moisturising body wash, the cream scrub and the bath milk powder.
Yes, all the new formulas are about moisturising your skin and I can't wait to really indulge my skin with all this.

I bought everything from
The range contains:
Bath Frosting Bath Milk Powder
Pink Bath Wafers Moisturising Bath Fizzer
Body Pudding Body Cream
Cream Scrub Body Scrub
Gelat'eau Body Mist
Shower Sauce Body Wash
Shower Shake Moisturising Body Wash